Sworn -or- Certified Translation Service

Entirely, the Translator is sworn, not the interpretation. Subject to specific necessities regarding instruction and experience, an Translator can promise under the steady gaze of an official courtroom, whereupon the interpretations he or she creates are acknowledged as a full and unwavering rendering of the first. The Translator must 'affirm' the interpretation by connecting it to the first and including a formal statement that he or she trusts the interpretation to be finished and amend. This presentation is then approved by the Translator's legitimate stamp.

Note that utilizing a sworn Translator is no assurance of linguistic quality. There are numerous incredible Translators who have never connected to be sworn, just in light of the fact that the idea of their work does not require it.

“Language makes a marvelous transformation”

Type of documents to be 'sworn':

Civilian documents viz., birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. Deeds, Educational or Academic related documents like School certificates, degrees or diplomas, Affidavits, witness statements and Court orders. These require the services of Sworn Translator.

There are no specific customary requirements for making a sworn translation, however, the translator should ensure that the interpreted text must be compared and 'verified' with the original.

This commonly means that the form and layout must continue as close to the original as possible. If there are any structures of the manuscript that cannot be translated like seal or signature, the translator will make a note of the same and must write between the brackets: example: [signature]

Remarkably, there is no legal necessity for the translator to add his own stamp. However, in practice all sworn translations accept a stamp, because any omissions should not dilute the purpose of this exercise.

"At Semantics – all our Sworn Translators are highly Professional and are Certified Experts in the respective languages and their deliverables have been endorsed as High level of Quality by our clients. "

Professional Translators used to be associated with Sworn, an official body which provide formal status for the official document translations. At Semantics, we provide certified Translation services and have been recognized as one of the Certified Translation Companies globally.

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